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Female Gaze: Tender Futures Album Release
05/17/2024 07:00 PM - 05/18/2024 MT


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MOCA Tucson
265 S. Church Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85716


Female Gaze makes immersive art to get lost in. Join us for their upcoming release, Tender Futures—an experimental concept album that tracks an endless day/night cycle, exploring meditations on mindless-ness as a coping mechanism.

Songwriter and guitarist Nelene DeGuzman and bassist Kevin Conklin met drummer Nicky David Cobham-Morgese in Tucson Arizona where the band is based. DeGuzman, who has struggled most of her adult life with pain stemming from chronic health issues, created Tender Futures while suffering through a particularly difficult health year, when she was left waiting 5 months in a painful limbo for a much needed surgery.

“Time seemed to slow to an intolerable pace but I also felt like everything was moving fast around me and I was unable to keep up. My perception during this time became a fever dream of cycles, inhale/exhale, night/day, always a bit disoriented, like waking up from a nap that’s gone too long and now it’s dark and you’re not sure if it’s late at night or early in the morning” says DeGuzman.

The new album is meant to be experienced on a loop, starting from any song but then listening until reaching your starting point. Tender Futures will be out May 17th on vinyl via Fort Lowell records and tape via Totally Real Records.
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